North County Christian Fellowship was begun in 1978 by a small group of Christian leaders looking for a church that would express simple but genuine worship and love for God in an everyday way. One of their highest values was to be genuine, expressed in a real relationship with God. They felt the call to build a church based upon the simple activities of bible study, prayer, love for others both inside and outside the church, and worship. The leadership today continues to hold these values and is continually seeking to find ways to help people live them out.
North County Christian Fellowship is a “come as you are” church. People wear everyday clothes, use everyday mannerisms and speak in everyday language. Real spirituality must take place in an everyday environment, and be applicable to our everyday life. God is for everyday, not just Sunday’s, and by being “everyday” at church, we hope to help people realize that truth.
North County Christian Fellowship believes in the empowerment of the Holy Spirit in ordinary believers, seeking to make room for the Spirit of God in all that we do. God uses everyday people in not only ordinary but also unordinary ways, and we encourage every believer in Christ to know and use the gifts God has given to them for His glory. The church needs all God’s gifts, and these gifts are spread throughout the church, not just concentrated in one or two individuals. Everyone is needed and has something to offer.
North County Christian Fellowship is a church of grace. People come in every condition and are welcomed to experience the love of God for them. Christ died for broken people and this church is filled with broken people whom Christ loves. The gospel is “good news” and is the center from which we live our relationship with God and one another.